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At a difficult time in their relationship, thirty-something Nick and live-in partner Ros drive down for a much-needed summer holiday with friends who have a holiday home in deepest France.

Delayed in their journey and deciding to stay in a French campsite overnight, Ros and Nick wake the next morning to discover a naked dead body beside their cabin. Just as seriously, from Nick's point of view at least, is the fact that the dead man has Nick's business card in his hand. Oh yes, and just to make matters worse, they also find the place they've booked into is a naturist resort where nudity is strictly compulsory.

Put under 'site arrest' by the French Police whilst investigating the crime, our couple has to get to grips with life in the nude. Strains begin to tell as Nick discovers he's lost his personality and assurance along with his clothes, whilst Ros finds she's shed her introversion and inhibitions, experiencing a new sense of liberation and freedom.

Into this 'Garden of Eden', temptation arrives for Nick in the form of shapely Australian bar girl Shareen, while Ros is attracted by lean fitness instructor Jean-Luc.

Cast of characters - and possible murder suspects - include, embarrassingly, their next door North London neighbors, a couple heavily into S&M; an ex-geography teacher engaged in writing 'Naturism, the Naked Guide'; an extremely hairy Scot; and an antique-dealing couple from Portugal.

Nick and Ros find themselves in an increasingly frustrating situation. In a place that outwardly seems free and easy yet has its own secretive, murky undercurrent. A place where, paradoxically, removing clothes can result in greater rather than fewer inhibitions.

Will Nick and Ros's relationship survive the temptations thrown into its path? Will the murderer be unmasked? Or strike again? Why do towels play such an important role? Will Nick prove his innocence? And will Ros and Nick ever get out of the resort and be able to put some clothes on? All is revealed...